Log Maintenance

Maintaining you Katahdin Cedar Log Home is simple.

The Northern White Cedar we use for construction does most of the work for you. Cedar contains a natural insect repellent. Its low water content and strong wood fibers help cedar maintain its beauty and integrity under the harshest conditions. We feel so strongly about the quality of our cedar log homes that company offers a 25-year warranty


We have had such success using Q-8 Log Oil on our own log home, that we make it available to our clients. Especially if you are in a pine log home, our experience is that this product works exceptionally well.


Q-8 Log Oil:

Controls Rot and Decay

  • Toxic to Termites and Powder Post Beetles
  • Trans-Oxide Pigments for Max UV Control
  • Exceptional Water Repellency
  • Will NEVER Crack or Peel
  • One Coat Coverage
  • Covers without "Lap" or "Brush" Marks
  • Detergent and Water Clean Up
  • It comes in Natural Base and 5 colors.


Contact us today at 260-494-7133 to place an order for Q-8 Log oil for your home today.

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